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Competitions in Jakobstad

/ August 19, 2012/ Gilja, Hasty, Videos

Today we had a fabulous day at our home competitions in Jakobstad. I participated only with the blondes, Hasty and Gilja, since Alva is in heat. The first race was ok for both Hasty and Gilja,

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Jump race with Wii

/ June 5, 2012/ Alva, Gilja, Hasty, Melli, Shows, Videos, Wii

Wii participated in an inofficial mölli jump competition at our club yesterday. It was so fun! Wii has such a great speed, that she doesn´t even have time to take all obstacles. We haven´t done much

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/ January 29, 2012/ Alva, Gilja, Hasty, Melli, This and that, Wii

Last saturday after jump technique trainings Anna and I decided to meet up in Sandåsen for a walk in the woods with our dogs. Anna is a breeder of Flat Coated retrievers, Kennel Elevenpath´s, and has

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Alkvalon Gilven

/ October 18, 2011/ Gilja, This and that

Took some photos of Gilja this weekend. More pictures from the session can be found here >> © Anki Molander | InWhite Design.

WC qualifications in Seinäjoki

/ July 20, 2011/ Competitions, Gilja, Hasty

Last wekend the World Championship qualification competitions took part in Seinäjoki. Both Hasty and Gilja were qualified, so we gave it a shot. This was the 3rd time Hasty took part in these kind of competitions.

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/ July 20, 2011/ Alva, Competitions, Gilja, Hasty

In the beginning of July we went to Kokkola and the traditional KLAG-competitions. On saturday I made stupid mistakes as a handler and both Alva and Hasty we´re disqualified. Hasty made a good race, but I

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Agility SM in Nastola

/ June 26, 2011/ Alva, Competitions, Gilja, Hasty

Last weekend we hit the car towards Nastola and the Finnish Agility Championships. Alva and Hasty participated in JKF´s mini team and in the individual competitions and Gilja in the medi team, aswell as in individuals.

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Gilja wins it all

/ May 29, 2011/ Competitions, Gilja

Wow! Gilja did 3 clean agility runs in Jakobstad today and won all the races. She is now qualified for the World Championship qualifications in Seinäjoki, which was our goal this year. 🙂