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Jump race with Wii

/ June 5, 2012/ Alva, Gilja, Hasty, Melli, Shows, Videos, Wii

Wii participated in an inofficial mölli jump competition at our club yesterday. It was so fun! Wii has such a great speed, that she doesn´t even have time to take all obstacles. We haven´t done much

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Melli sterilized

/ March 11, 2012/ Hasty, Melli

In January I took Melli to the vet to check her up. I noticed that she had been drinking a lot lately, so we took a blood test, which showed that everything was fine. Last week

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/ January 29, 2012/ Alva, Gilja, Hasty, Melli, This and that, Wii

Last saturday after jump technique trainings Anna and I decided to meet up in Sandåsen for a walk in the woods with our dogs. Anna is a breeder of Flat Coated retrievers, Kennel Elevenpath´s, and has

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Bad news

/ September 3, 2011/ Hasty, Melli, Nänsy

On wednesday evening I noticed that Hasty´s cheek was swollen, so yesterday I got an appointment to the vet. It showed out that she had a problem with one of her teeth in the back of

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WC qualifications in Seinäjoki

/ July 20, 2011/ Competitions, Gilja, Hasty

Last wekend the World Championship qualification competitions took part in Seinäjoki. Both Hasty and Gilja were qualified, so we gave it a shot. This was the 3rd time Hasty took part in these kind of competitions.

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/ July 20, 2011/ Alva, Competitions, Gilja, Hasty

In the beginning of July we went to Kokkola and the traditional KLAG-competitions. On saturday I made stupid mistakes as a handler and both Alva and Hasty we´re disqualified. Hasty made a good race, but I

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Agility SM in Nastola

/ June 26, 2011/ Alva, Competitions, Gilja, Hasty

Last weekend we hit the car towards Nastola and the Finnish Agility Championships. Alva and Hasty participated in JKF´s mini team and in the individual competitions and Gilja in the medi team, aswell as in individuals.

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Hasty 6 years

/ May 29, 2011/ Hasty

Congratulations Hasty on your 6th birthday!

Vasa 15.5.2011

/ May 16, 2011/ Alva, Competitions, Gilja, Hasty

Once again a fabulous competition day behind in Vasa. Hasty and Gilja ran clean in the first race, Alva aimed for wrong tunnel in the end of the race. Hasty was 2nd and Gilja 3rd. On

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