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Wii & Arno puppies

/ June 24, 2017/ Puppies, Wii

Wii gave birth to four lovely puppies 10.2.2017. Two girls and two boys, white and grey of both sexes. All the puppies are so far very active, unfearful and promising in all ways. At the age

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Puppies expected in February 2017

/ January 15, 2017/ Puppies, Wii

InWhite Love Twister “Wii” was in December mated to Airi Arabeska Arno del Curto “Arno” in Switzerland. She is now confirmed pregnant and puppies in grey, white and/or blue are expected to be born in mid February.

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Akira – ny i gänget

/ August 30, 2016/ Akira, Puppies

Vi har en nykomling i gänget! Låt mig presentera Wanderers of Saint Wendelin Akira. Akira är en korthårig working bordercollie tik, importerad från Ungern. En helt underbar tjej, som jag inte bara kunde motstå. Även om

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Greetings from Helmi

/ March 11, 2012/ Puppies

I got greetings from Hasty´s puppy InWhite Little Adorable “Helmi”. 🙂 Helmi lives in Helsinki and is a very social little girl. She has been training some puppy agility lately and even been travelling to Paris

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Wii 4 months old

/ January 24, 2011/ Puppies, Wii

Wild, wild Wii is now 4 months old and has grown a lot. At Christmas time when the injured paw had healed Wii moved to my sister´s house. Wii is very clever, playful and full of

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Kiiru 3 months

/ January 24, 2011/ Puppies

I got some pictures of InWhite Hasty Impression “Kiiru”. So sweet and beautiful… Thank you! You can read more about Kiiru and her family at