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Good news

/ November 29, 2010/ Puppies, Wii

Two weeks ago Wii fell and injured her paw – three toes in the right front paw were broken. Today we were at the vet for a control and everything looked fine. Wii doesn´t need to

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Zia is now “Kiiru”

/ November 20, 2010/ Puppies

Yesterday InWhite Hasty Impression moved to her new home in Vaasa. I´m sure we will see her in at least both shows and agility competitions further on. Good luck Kiiru, Anne and Timo!

Ada – “the pearl”

/ November 17, 2010/ Puppies

Today InWhite Little Adorable flew to her new home in Helsinki. We wish Maija and Helmi good luck! Miss you already…

Vet and agility class

/ November 10, 2010/ Hasty, Puppies, Wii

Today the puppies visited the vet and were examined. Everything was ok and they also got their first vaccination. In the evening Hasty participated in her first agility class since August and she really enjoyed it,

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May we introduce…

/ October 31, 2010/ Hasty, Puppies, Wii

InWhite Hasty Impression, “Zia” InWhite Little Adorable ,”Ada” InWhite Love Twister, “Wii” The puppies are now six weeks old. This week they got their official names, been ID-marked and registered. They have been washed  for the

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First time outdoors

/ October 24, 2010/ Hasty, Puppies

Ooh, it was very exciting, but the grass was wet and cold. This weekend we also had many guests at our house and the puppies got in touch with children.

4 weeks

/ October 18, 2010/ Hasty, Puppies, Wii

The puppies are now 4 weeks old. They are growing very fast and are getting wilder and cuter every day that passes by. They have started to eat solid food and last weekend they also got

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/ September 25, 2010/ Hasty, Puppies

Silver dwarf poodle puppies born 17.09.2010