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God Jul!

/ December 23, 2013/ Alva, Gilja, Hasty, Melli, This and that, Wii

Vi har legat lågt på tävlingsfronten det senaste halvåret. Hasty var med och tog hem ett distriktsguld i lag, Gilja vann en tävling i Jakobstad och Wii har vunnit en tävling i Kokkola under hösten, mera

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/ January 29, 2012/ Alva, Gilja, Hasty, Melli, This and that, Wii

Last saturday after jump technique trainings Anna and I decided to meet up in Sandåsen for a walk in the woods with our dogs. Anna is a breeder of Flat Coated retrievers, Kennel Elevenpath´s, and has

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Alkvalon Gilven

/ October 18, 2011/ Gilja, This and that

Took some photos of Gilja this weekend. More pictures from the session can be found here >> © Anki Molander | InWhite Design.

On the ice

/ February 27, 2011/ Alva, Hasty, This and that, Wii

Finally we have a bit warmer weather, so you can go out for longer walks. Today we went out on the ice to Mässkär with all the dogs. It was a bit windy, but the dogs

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