Competitions in Jakobstad

/ August 19, 2012/ Gilja, Hasty, Videos

Today we had a fabulous day at our home competitions in Jakobstad. I participated only with the blondes, Hasty and Gilja, since Alva is in heat. The first race was ok for both Hasty and Gilja, but Hasty hit an extra tunnel and Gilja obviously got a fault in the entrance to slalom and ended on 6th place. In the second race both Hasty and Gilja ran clean and Hasty ended up 3rd and Gilja 4th, about a second after the winner. The third race was a jump course, which didn´t look so difficult, but it was quite challenging physically for the handler with several straight lines, where you had to run fast and be before the dog in the end to have time to show it behind an obstacle. This being the third track looking like that, many handlers felt tired. I also felt it in my legs, but tried to pull it through and in the end both dogs ran clean and ended up as winners, Hasty in mini and Gilja in media class. Wow! 🙂

Unfortunately I don´t have any videos from today, but this one is from KLAG in Kokkola in July where Hasty ran three clean runs and was placed 5th in all the races. Thank you Henni Särkiniemi for the video!

I almost forgot to tell you that Kiiru competed for the first time officially at KLAG. You can read more about Kiiru at Kennel Very Important.