Jump race with Wii

/ June 5, 2012/ Alva, Gilja, Hasty, Melli, Shows, Videos, Wii

Wii participated in an inofficial mölli jump competition at our club yesterday. It was so fun! Wii has such a great speed, that she doesn´t even have time to take all obstacles. We haven´t done much course training earlier, so I´m very glad how she perforemed. And to sit in the start was no problem. 🙂

Alva, Hasty and Gilja also participated, mostly to train contacts, as preparation before the Finnish Championships in Jyväskylä 16-17.6.

It´s a long time since I have been updating news. We have had a lot going on. The competition season started in March in Kokkola, where Gilja made 3 clean runs and Alva and Hasty made 2 clean runs each. Hasty also won a competition in Jakobstad some weeks ago. Last week Hasty also turned 7 years old.

Wii participated in the International dog show in Vasa in april. First time in ring, so our performance was not the best. She got the resultat “good”. Best comment from the judge was that  she´s got a wonderful temperament! 🙂

Unfortunately, after the dog show Wii fell ill with kennel cough and a week later Alva and Melli got the disease. So the rest of April the dogs mostly rested and recovered from the terrible disease.