Puppies 7 months

/ April 24, 2011/ Alva, Competitions, Gilja, Hasty, Puppies, Wii

A week ago the first InWhite litter turned 7 months. The puppies have all grown up to beautiful dwarf poodles. They are all still very dark, but are still in puppy fur. Wii is now 32 cm and 4,2 kg, Kiiru 34,5 cm and 4,9 kg and Helmi is about 30 cm. All the puppies are very brave and playful.

The last weeks Wii has participated in show trainings and Alva, Hasty and Gilja have been competing in both Kokkola and Vörå. In Kokkola Alva made two clean runs and Gilja one. In Vörå Hasty ran two clean runs and was second in both competitions, Gilja was also second in medi class with 0,97 faults. Next competitions will be in Seinäjoki 1th of May.