Training 15.03.2011

/ March 17, 2011/ Courses, Hasty

This is the training with Hasty from yesterday. We started the training with a layering practice with the weave poles and tunnel (white 8-9 and black 4-5). All dogs snapped it up really well, so later on we could add it to the courses with success.

In the first course (white numbers) the challenges were numbers 8-9, which we did with layering –leaving on the left side of the weave poles and let the dog come to the hand between the first poles. Obstacles 12, 13, and 14 – I tryed both “sylikäännös” and to leave the dog on the A-frame to be in time to get between jumps 12 and 13.

The second course was a bit shorter and here the main thing was to manage to do a “poispäinkäännös” from the weave poles to the tunnel, so the handler could leave on the left side of the weave poles. Between 11,12 we had to do a small “sylikäännös” so the dog would get a good line to jump 11.