Wii | Tellus 10.11.2012

/ November 10, 2012/ Agility, Competitions, Videos, Wii

Wii was competing in Jakobstad today in class mini 1. We did three ok races, with some smaller “beginner faults”. The ring was our biggest problem today. In the first race Wii jumped on the side of it. I think she was already focusing on the next jump. Result 5 faults and a third place. In the second race she crashed into the ring so it broke, otherwise the fastest race of all, also here 5 faults and a third place. In the last race she again jumped on the side of the ring, but we already had a fault from the weave poles, so we were disqualified, when I didn´t bother to correct it. Anyhow the races felt good and all contacts looked nice! 🙂 Tomorrow it´s time for Hasty, Alva and Gilja in class 3.